50Keda Hella Chromium Pack

Download 50Keda Hella Chromium Pack mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.18 version.

Are you a user of 50k addons? Have you ever wished that the Hella lights were a bit bigger? Well, look no further! For with the help of the latest and greatest in computer technology we over at Mattias P Modding inc. have crunched the numbers and done the math to make your dream a reality.

Ok so with the infomercial sales pitch out of the way let’s get to it, shall we?
So what we have here is a mod that simply adds two larger variants of the 2 different Chromium lights by 50Keda.The first (called medium in-game) is 1.25 times bigger and the second (called large) is the same size as abasstreppas’ Luminator lights.

I have also made 3x optional files for you to choose from.
– Lamp frame in trucks base color
– Yellow colored glass*
– Blue colored glass*

* Please only use one at a time for obvious reasons x)

There are two different versions to download. One that requires 50k_addons.scs activated and one that is completetly standalone.
50k_addons can be found in 50Kedas 2008 Scania mod or his DAF XF 105 mod.

1. Download the file of your choosing and extract zz_50k_Hella_Pack_Main.scs plus any of the optional files that strikes your fancy.
2. Drop the files into your mod folder. Documents -> Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> mod
3. Start your game up and activate the files in the menu.

Credits: 50Keda and Mattias P.

Please feel free to spread the mod, just don’t use it for monetary gain and I might release some more stuff in the future.

50k addons version

Standalone version