Agriculture Pack 2 v1

Download Agriculture Pack 2 v1 mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.17 version.

Enclosed I present you once the agricultural Pack 2 for DL ??are available, it is composed of 2 standalone trailers, at the first trailer is the Silotrailer with 5 skins, which I have just again adapted for the patch in the second trailer is Vanhool flatbed trailer with a cutter

Credits: Cutting
Trailer orginal by ‘Road Hunter ”
Tag Trailer and conversion to ETS 2 “Micha-BF3″
Cutting from the LWS was converted by me “Micha-BF3″ too ETS 1 times
Help the problem of shadows “D4LYNCHHD”

Credits: Silotrailer
Tag Trailer and conversion to ETS 2 “Micha-BF3″
the skins have been created by “Gordon Gekko”