Anniversary Volvo FH16 2007

Download Anniversary Volvo FH16 2007 for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.19 version.

On the occasion of the 2 years anniversary since the creation of the group ( ) , we decided to make another innovation ( above the standards ) as a team . We have ordered , and was build with our own expenses to give you for free , the Volvo FH16 2007 with the colours of our team !

Although it is locked , we please you not to alter it or remove parts from it , so that you use it in your own trucks . This is the only request of the team , as also from its creator , and we wish that you respect it .

We like to wish you a lot of good virtual kilometres and we thank you for the support that you give to us for 2 years now .

To the following video , you will see the creation of the truck , from start to finish !

It is forbidden to publish this video , to other sites !

Credits : Costel 3D Production ,