Backbumper custom for RJL Scania R

Download Backbumper custom for RJL Scania R mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.21 version.

its a backbumper with toolbox in the middle
everything is skinnable with the template thats match with the rjl template
and the mudflap is also skinnable sow for now every skin you wil make you can skin the mudflap…

the inside of the mudflap (whe you want a white color mudflap ore something) you wil have color bottom right on the template near the roofcab from the scania

there are 2 options….
the long mudflap
and 5 smal mudflaps as options

credits to
– chefprutser
– RJL (for the great scania mod ;) )
and two other people they help me with building this mod (verry thanks!!!!)


  • Chefprutser

    Thnx for re uploading my mod and you forgot Another credits to someone! !!