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DAF XF 105 sound

by truckmod


Download DAF XF 105 sound mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.21 version.

Today I will release the DAF XF 105 sound mod, this sound mod works with the DAF 105 by SCS and 50Keda and not with the DAf Euro6.
This sound mod contains soundfiles by other authors and I have permission to use those files, the authors of the soundfiles are; Kriechbaum, Commandoreone, Slash, Nikita Zhulkov and many others.

I edit and mix these soundfiles so the sound wil nearly realistic and blanced, the extern start engine and horn sound are from a RL DAF video.
For those who love open window sounds I have to disapoint you because this sound close to reality and modern trucks are realy quit in this days, I recommerd to add the Wheel and axle sound by Katixa

Author Leen

Please respect this soundmod and do not re-upload to other websites without permission!!
Because this mod contains soundfiles from other authors, Please respect these authors work.



Older Kenworth W900

Newer Abasstreppas wheelpack 1.0