DAF XF 95 V2

Download DAF XF 95 V2 for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.23 version.

– Interior;
– Sounds;
– Metallic Support;
– Support for DLC in interior accessories;
– 2 cabin Type Space Cab and Super Space Cab;
– 7 Type chassis
– Wrapping the wheels (50K)
– 4 visor under SC and SSC
– 4 Baffle
– 4 blades in the bag
– 4 side curtains
– Top sleeping bag
– 4 type spoiler
– Wings
– Stickers on the wall of the cockpit the speed limit
– Sign on the wings of that truck without a trailer
– 20 license plate numbers of countries
Off – grid
– Original radio
– Mini fridge under spalink
Panel (wooden,plastic)
– Front mudflaps
– Foglights
– Overhead frame for headlights
– 4 types of seats (original,original leather case,full leather)
– Sticker “XF”(white and black)
– Lamps Of The Road Train
– Sign ADR (indoor,outdoor)
– Rust on the bumper
– Radio
The salon doesn’t like HDR (For an enjoyable game should be to turn it off)

-Minor bug fixes
-Addapted interior animation
-Changed metallic colours
-New HQ textures

50keda, by_Lexa, NevesuMatlez, SCS, RJL, Eugene Semeniuk, Kriechbaum, Commandoreone, Slash, Nikita Zhulkov and many others