Deluxe Map

Download Deluxe Map for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.19 version.

Hello! My name is Catalin, and this summer I start a new project… It is about a map, that want to be something off road, a lot of village, a lot of countryside road…some extreme road….and pretty detailed…now is just a alpha with bugs and other problem. I let you here some picture. If you like it please leave a comment.

For now map need dlc go east and dlc scandinavia..but i hope to be available and for other that don’t had the Scandinavia

Create a new profile.
Activate all 8 parts.
Change from europe to Deluxe.mbd

Do not forget this is first version of alpha…any bugs, and errors wiil be repaired in next update.

Added: 1 new city
new models for map
more road

Bugs know: vegetation in air(i forgot about that) , gps may not work good, some areas with no terrain.
This Is AN ALPHA VERSION soo please don’t be rude with me :)

Credits: Catalin Mihai