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Gearbox/Differential Mod: Stock&Modded Trucks

by truckmod


Download Gearbox/Differential Mod: Stock&Modded Trucks, mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.21 version.

The idea first started when I saw new gearboxes added in the Realistic Driving Mod. I thought it was a neat idea, but then I started having issues with later versions of the game so I dropped it. Then I started using Jazzycat’s cargo mods with heavier loads. At that point I started to think how fun it might be to try to pull a 60t load with the weakest truck in the game, I think I chose an Iveco Stralis Cursor8. Funny yes, not fun for the receiver when I pulled up 4 hours late. Then I thought some more…what if I had a 16 speed with super low gearing. That last grade wouldnt have slowed me down at all…….hmmmmm


So I started searching for different engine/drivetrain mods to get some inspiration, so if you have ever created a drivetrain mod, Thank You. I used bits and pieces of different mods and then filled in the gaps with a lot of searching online. I live in the US, so I cant just call up a dealer and ask for specs.

So I present my gearbox mod.

Mod includes:

All trucks

Added realistic gearboxes with correct number of gears and gear ratios

Added multiple realistic differential ratios for each gearbox

Added realistic engine and gearbox combinations when possible

Added retarder to all gearboxes (Except Iveco Allison, ZF 9S1310TO and 12AS1420TD)

DAF trucks

Added ZF 12 and 16 speed automatic and manual gearboxes

Iveco trucks

Added Allison automatic gearbox

Added ZF 9,12 and 16 speed automatic and manual gearboxes

Added Cursor 11 Engines


Added ZF 12 speed automatic and 16 speed manual gearboxes

Mercedes Trucks

Added MB 12 speed and 16 speed gearboxes

Added OM470 engines to 2014 Actros

Renault Trucks

Added Volvo 12 and 12+2 speed automatic and manual gearboxes

Added ZF 16 speed manual gearboxes

Scania Trucks

Added Scania 12 and 12+2 speed gearboxes

Volvo Trucks

Added Volvo 12 and 12+2 speed automatic and manual gearboxes

Added D13C Euro 5 engines to FH16 classic

Added D13K and D16K Euro 6 engines to FH16 2012

Gearboxes available for the following truck mods.
50keda DAF
50keda Scania 2008
D3S Mercedes Antos
MADster TGX Euro 6
Ohaha FH 2013
RJL Scania R and Streamline
RJL Scania T

This mod makes changes to the cabin and transmission files for the new gearboxes and also changes to the engine, badge, sound and certain equip files for the new engines.
Works with game version 1.20
Full descriptions are posted below
Change Log:

Cleaned up OP

Added dropbox download link and removed individual links

Added Volvo ATO3112 gearbox to D16 540 and 600hp engines for stock trucks and Ohaha mod

Bug fixes





Older Freightliner Classic XL Reworked v 1.6 + Cabin Acessories DLC

Newer Backbumper custom for RJL Scania R