International Lonestar – BETA

International Lonestar – BETA

Download International Lonestar – BETA for Euro Truck Simulator 2

tested on 1.22 version.

Volvo truck sold in stores
mod in beta with engine sound, special tires and wheels, can be painted with metallic colors

respects the link donwload
and good game!

Special thanks to: rockchevelle author of the wheels

Credits: megatruck inter BM, Carlos Delgado, Edson Teles


  • Ted Hegner

    Ok this is so nice on the outside but after that well the inside needs to be finish fast because a lot of truckers are going to want this is there garage! So please work on it fast or get a modders to finnish!
    1) The dash it still Volvo
    2) The gauges don’t work (but it drives ok)
    3) Not many upgrades and the ones that are there are so far off there’s no use for them. 4) The headlights are nice and bright and blue! But the fog lights are tied in to the high beams and the high beams don’t light up!

    THINGS I’D LIKE TO SEE: (other than above!)
    1) A start and it need a bad ass engine sound deep and poppy when hitting the exhaust break!
    2) Next make it smoke!
    3) Open the sleeper cabin