Kelsa HiBar Pack V1.1

Download Kelsa HiBar Pack V1.1 mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.20 version.

**Note – No lights are included, only the bars themselves**

In V1 of this pack you will find both a chrome and coloured variant of the following:

– BeaconBar/HiBar/VisorBar
– BeaconBar/HiBar
– HiBar/VisorBar
– HiBar

Each has slots on the roof for horns, etc, as well as a slot for the lightbox.

Should give you plenty of options, no?
These currently only work with RJL’s Scania mods, and only the Topline cabs.

In V2 I plan to add variants for Highline cabs and compatibility for the stock SCS Scania models.

Works absolutely fine on 1.20.x. I dare say it’ll be fine on previous versions, but that’s for you to test, not me. ;)
**Note – I’m aware of the red errors in the log. I don’t know what’s causing them, but I’ll try and fix it for V2.**

I take absolutely no credit for the models themselves. That all goes to GT-Mike. All I’ve done is import them into Blender, delete a few bits, export and repackage.

– Initial release
– Bug fixes (removal of red errors in log)
Credits: Anthony