MAN TGX Sound mod

Download MAN TGX Sound mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.18 version.

This is a sound mod I made for Man trucks (doesn’t affect Mercedes sounds ;) )


*Improved New nofuel sounds
*Improved air brake and gear sounds
*Improved idling sound
*New engine brake sound
*Improved engine fan sounds (only if you’re using the version with engine fan obviously ;) )

NOTE: This mod also works with MADster’s Man euro 6 , but for that you have to open his mod, go to def-vehicle-truck-man.tgx_euro6 and there you will find folder called ”sound” , just delete that and then my mod works perfectly ;) .

NOTE: The videos up there are made with version 1. New videos will probably come soon :)
CREDITS: paulnice, Slash

DOWNLOAD (without engine fan sound)

DOWNLOAD (with engine fan sound)