Map “Southern Region” Russia

Download Map “Southern Region” for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.18 version.

WARNING map does not work without DLC “Scandinavia”

(Criticizing the modification, do not forget that it is in alpha release and published at the request of the audience of. Community of “VKontakte”)

“Southern Region” map-visit the south of Russia!

“Southern Region” is a new free project dealing with the development of the map of the South Federal District of Russia for the “Euro Truck Simulator 2”.
This card is perfect lovers of Russian atmosphere, the atmosphere of the South. Currently on a map of the regions represented only Krasnodar region,
which consists of 17 and settlements, including both city and village. In the future, such as the regions of Stavropol and
Rostov region.
Although the card is still very small, but I think it will find its “consumer” smile emoticon

More details about the project:
* The game world is developed by one person (the beginning of the development, February 15)
* Map does not work without DLC “Scandinavia”
* The game world is recreated on a scale of 1 to 19
* On the map quite realistic scheme of roads, reproduced on “Google Maps”
* The roads are quite realistic infrastructure, many elements of which are made according to GOST
* Present new schemes of road junctions, corresponding to real prototypes
* There are new elements of road marking
* So far, the card is fully autonomous (not connected to the other)
* Map is optimized enough
* There are dealers of all brands

=== === Authors
The game world is developed: SimKA
The map used the model project “RusMap”, with permission of the authors of the project.
Authors of other models: Koral, DeXtor, MRD_Hasky

Thank you very much testers such as Alexey Budaev Alexey Karpenko Vladimir Samushin Maxim Vakulenko for more activity and assistance
to identify gaps card!

Special thanks to Nikita Belkin for adaptation and repair models for the cards!

Current version: 2.0.9-alpha (operability with the patch 1.18+)

Download stable version (soon to be available)
The first part of the archive:…/SRmod_v.2.0.9-alpha_PART1.rar.html
The second part of the archive:…/SRmod_v.2.0.9-alpha_PART2.rar.html

(Shakes both parts)
Download the mod that increases the ai traffic:

Before using, please read the instructions attached to the archive with the modification.

Communication with developer :…/1Ki5zP3qy2QG9PNE0q2Vo_W…/viewform…
Report Gaps mod:

Plans for sled. updates :
* Add city Dzhubga start recreating the Black Sea coast
* Change the company logo on the real
* Change some elements of infrastructure.