MAZ Road Spirit

Download MAZ Road Spirit for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.24 version.

MAZ Road Spirit – Find by DAF Dealer
Many Addons and Options
1. Now you can collect the stock option and the option of a pure beige.
2. Now, 2 living pure stock, and beige interior.
3. Metallic Paint, well, the usual course.
4. The collective farm to stock options:
1. Various shelves.
2. Carpets.
3. Curtains.
5. Tumanki bumper in tyune.
6. Bumper black, and painted.
7. Ears cab black plastic and painted.
8. Grate black plastic and painted.
9. Visor plastic and painted.
10. The rear and front wings are plastic and paint.
11. Added an icon to all the details tyunninga.
12. Added wheels, 3 kinds of disks are 3 types of rubber.
13. Added DLC Cabin Accessories.
14. Added curtains Dutch in Thun

Work on v1.24 & 1.23 !

Credits By : Sergey Lunin