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Realistic Weather Sound v 1.7.4 (by nIGhT-SoN)

by truckmod


Download Realistic Weather Sound v 1.7.4 (by nIGhT-SoN) for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.22 version.

This mod changes the sound of the rain for better immersion and also how raindrops act on the windshield. The number of drops, splash scale, lifetime, adhesion factor etc. are changed from vanilla game making harder to see forward and sideways when it’s raining, especially if you are not using the wipers.

Changelog v1.7.4
– Updated for the new version of the game 1.22
– Changes to how the rain acts on the windshield

Works with v1.22.x of the game.

Author: by nIGhT-SoN



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