Renault Premium v2.4

Renault Premium v2.4

Download Renault Premium v2.4 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Tested on 1.22 version

– Fixed the shadow of the cab

The mod replaces the default Renault Premium!
– 2 cabins, there is a spoiler for each cabin: 2 for high and low for 1.
– All chassis
– Added nameplates engines
– Added decal on side windows
– 3 front bumper (completely paint, plastic + paint and completely plastic)
– 2 types of front mudguards
– Completely redesigned interior and EU partially reworked animations EU
– Make a real highlight the instrument panel and buttons
– Added collision in the truck seat for all chassis
– Use textures from fashion Renault Magnum with permission knox_xss
– Redesigned interior UK
– Added new skins (by Santa Claus)

– Added new decals on the side windows (for finding decals thanks ♚ Gray75 ♚)
– GPS is added from the DLC Cabin Accessories
– Other changes see video

– Fixed dashboard (gauges: fuel, coolant, air in the brake system)
– Fixed the previous version
– Added 3 new skins for both factory booths
– Fixed lighting of the dashboard

Authors: SCS and Schumi
Author of some texture in the cabin: knox_xss
Author collisions on the saddle: DANZ
Author skins: AlexeyP