Scania V8 sound V.8.5

Download Scania V8 sound V.8.5 for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.22 version.

Here it is, an improved Scania V8 sound mod.
Lot of files are new compared to the 8.1 version. Sound is now more deeper and clear.
It works for the Scania R, Streamline, T, and the modified by RJL.

There are two links, one is with the sound with the “crackle” and the second link is the same sound but a little bit more discrete, without a hard “crackle”. This sound works on 1.22 but i am not sure if it works or not on 1.21. I guess not because there are few changes in the definitions for the engine brake that came up with the 1.22 patch.

In the first part of this video i’m using the sound with the crackle, you can see the “none crackle” version if you go directly to 16:06 minutes.
To have the best sound experience with it, as you can see here, and as in real life, use LOW rev’s… It’s useless to shift at 2000rpm on those engines ! From 900 to 1700 this is perfect.

Later i’ll adapt this sound for others Scania’s if it’s needed.

DOWNLOAD With crackle

DOWNLOAD Without crackle
Thanks to my friends Matt_Streamline and Ari to have tested it and helped me to improve the sound.

Credits: Kapitänleutnant Danquerque