SCS Renault Premium Fixed V1.0

Download SCS Renault Premium Fixed V1.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.25 version.

>>Renault Premium Reute<< & >>Renault Premium Lander<<

This is a small and simple REPLACER mod. (any mod that changes default SCS Premium exterior model will cause issues)
It replaces SCS Renault Premium with a “fixed” model. I tried to keep the mod as simple as possible to avoid any possible future conflicts.
Full list of fixes:
-added left side front marker light
-repositioned right side front marker light
-added rear (4×2) and midfender (6x) marker lights
-remodelled and repositioned muffler
-remodelled and repositioned AdBlue tank
-remodelled 6x fueltank
-remodelled and repositioned 6x battery box
-remodelled 4×2 fueltanks
-added 6x sideskirts
-reworked headlights
-changed windshiled gasket material to rubber (instead of metal)
-added missing engine badges
-cleaned up all default SCS models, splitted and removed doubles

Mod is availabe in 2 variants (only 1 can be active at a time)
1. >>Renault Premium Reute<<

2. >>Renault Premium Lander<<
The differrence between the 2: Premium Reute has silver headlights and lowered chasis. Premium Lander has plastic front bumper and grill, black headlights, no roof spoiler for high cab and slightly lifted chasis.

Known issues:
-6x fueltank has strange reflections. I have no idea what cuases it or how to fix it…
-I haven’t changed “main” def files, so quick jobs trucks won’t have engine badges installed, for the truck dealer or truck browser just change anything on the truck for noew parts to appear ;)

DOWNLOAD >>Renault Premium Reute<<

DOWNLOAD >>Renault Premium Lander<<