Volvo FH – FH16 Open Pipe sound V.2.0

Download Volvo FH – FH16 Open Pipe sound V.2.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.25 version.

This sound works with :

-The two Volvo by SCS.
-The two Volvo by Ohaha (FH Classic and FH2012).
-The one from Eugene.
-The Volvo FH12 – FH16 – 1st Generation.
-The Volvo FH13 Classic by Peerke.

Note that the new Volvo FH have different air gear sounds and the FH 1st Gen have different blinkers sound. The FH2012 has different engine brake sound.

I also made a big improvement on the tires/bearing and wind sounds. They all are new. If you do not like those new sounds, just open the mod and go to “sound/noises” and delete the “noises” folder by pressing the “del” key.

Credits: Kapitan Kriechbaum